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MEMS - Membership & Event Management System

Membership & Event Management System is a web based System which track the membership and event for organizations to manage their members, sponsors and events. This system tracks the members who can be Individuals or Corporations. The membership dues, their payment schedules can be tracked. This application can be hosted as information services instance (software as a service) or can be installed on a clients server, with ability to send volume email notification about the events to all the members of the organization and get their responses online, once the event happens the system has the ability to track the feedback in the form of a survey, web page that asks questions and collects the responses, the system can setup a survey forms by developing customized questions either direct response based or multiple choice options. The responses can then be analyzed for event evaluation. Multiple Reports show how many events are scheduled for a given duration, the number of people who attended these events. Amount collected from each event, aggregate amounts for each of the events. Administration of users, Security is also implemented.

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