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VLS Solutions Group helps companies select, build, enhance and maintain successful Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)/ Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions by leveraging our real-world experience coupled with best practices from multiple disciplines.

VLS is focused on providing the most seasoned and talented project management, functional and technical consulting resources for companies that are in the process of selecting or implementing ERP solutions. Additionally, we supply our customers with post-implementation functional and technical consulting support associated with maintaining, upgrading or enhancing their existing production ERP systems.

Our areas of ERP consulting expertise include:

  • Financial Management Applications,

  • Human Capital Management Applications,

  • Customer Relationship Management Applications, and

  • Supply Chain Management Applications.

VLS offers Enterprise Resource Planning solutions to help organizations implement and integrate the leading software packages from:

  • Oracle - Oracle Applications, (PeopleSoft Enterprise, JD Edwards Enterprise One and JD    Edwards World)
  • SAP
  • Siebel

We'll work with you to define your organizational goals, evaluate your current IT infrastructure, and choose the best software vendor for your requirements. Then we'll customize the software so that it meets your organization's exact specifications, and integrate it into your infrastructure. VLS Solution Groups B-to-B E-Commerce services have been helping companies launch and support solution that achieve core business objectives and fits each client's industry. VLS offers E-commerce solutions to help you implement and integrate the leading CRM packages.

The Oracle Application Families

Helping Make Your Oracle Project a Success

At VLS, we have the know-how required to help make your Oracle Applications projects successful. Our consultants have extensive experience with all of the enterprise software products comprising the Oracle Applications Family:

  • Oracle E-Business Suite,
  • PeopleSoft Enterprise,
  • JD Edwards Enterprise One, and
  • JD Edwards World.

Over the course of the past five years, VLS has worked with an extensive client base of Oracle Applications customers with a particular emphasis on those businesses using the PeopleSoft Enterprise suite.

VLS’s Oracle Applications consultants are experts in their given product specialty and they know what it takes to successfully implement and service the Oracle Applications family in your business. Every VLS consultant, whether technical or functional, will possess the specific, requisite software module or business experience dictated by your project.

We believe that expert system knowledge and project experience are two fundamental traits of every successful consultant. Our goal is to provide our customers with only the most seasoned and professional talent to assist them with their Oracle Applications projects.


Whether you need an entire team to help you with your Oracle Applications project or a part-time system administrator, VLS can provide the required consulting talent. We are extremely flexible in our approach to delivering Oracle Applications consulting services. Based on a joint assessment of our clients' needs coupled with our Oracle Applications knowledge-base, we will construct an approach designed to satisfy our clients' requirements and deliver a successful consulting project. This approach emphasizes client satisfaction above all else. In our experience, remaining flexible to the needs of our customers is paramount to client satisfaction.

Our Oracle Services

Implementation Projects
At VLS, we can assemble a complete team of experts to implement your Oracle Applications system. This includes all of the resources necessary to deliver a successful production system—Project Managers, Functional and Technical Team Leads, Functional Application Specialists and Technical Specialists. VLS combines our expert consulting talent with proven implementation methodologies to deliver your project with maximum efficiency, knowledge transfer and value. Our implementation projects are designed to be rapid, low-cost solutions to get our clients up and running successfully on the Oracle Applications platform.

Supplemental Oracle Applications Consulting Resources

We recognize that many Oracle Applications customers desire to implement, upgrade, modify and enhance their systems relying primarily on internal resources. To assist such companies, VLS provides supplemental functional and technical Oracle Applications consulting experts to round out internally-driven teams. Additionally, we supply Oracle Applications consultants to assist with implementation projects being managed/conducted by larger consulting organizations. Our seasoned consultants can efficiently and effectively “fill the holes” in your internal or external teams.

Oracle Applications Upgrade Resources
Many Oracle Applications customers are currently involved in or planning upgrades to the latest Internet-based product technology from Oracle. VLS can supply technical and functional consultants to participate in the planning and execution of these upgrades.

Oracle Applications Support Resources
As with any complex system, Oracle Applications require a level of sustaining support once they are up and running in production mode. This support typically includes: system and database administration, report development, workflow implementation, screen modifications, etc. VLS is capable of providing our clients with the right consultants to take on these production system needs/projects. From part-time system administration to full time report development, VLS has the expert consultant to fit your requirements.

Our Competencies:

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