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It is essential that the highest standards of conduct be observed in all contacts made by VLS' employees with Clients, Consultants, suppliers, governmental officials, fellow employees and the general public. To further this objective, VLS has a set of written policies dealing with rules of conduct to be used in conducting the business affairs of the Company.

VLS is committed to promoting integrity and maintaining the highest standard of ethical conduct in all of its activities. Our business success is dependent on trusting relationships, which are built on this foundation of integrity. Our reputation is founded on the personal integrity of the company's personnel and our dedication to:

Honesty in communicating within the Company and with our suppliers and Clients, while at the same time protecting the Company's confidential information and trade secrets.
Quality in our products and services, by striving to provide defect-free products and services to our Clients.
Responsibility for our words and actions, confirms our commitment to do what we say.
Compassion in our relationships with our employees and the communities affected by our business.
Respect and Fairness to our fellow employees, Clients and suppliers through adherence to all applicable laws, regulations and policies, and a high standard of behavior and value their feedback.

The relationship between the VLS and our clients is built on a foundation of trust. Trust is as fragile as it is strong. It must be nourished and protected zealously. The strength of a relationship based on trust can withstand great tests and serves as the foundation for great accomplishment. Realizing that trust must be earned, we pledge to conduct our practice in conformance with not only the industry's high ethical standards, but also the higher calling of our own consciences.

We commit that the work performed on behalf of our clients will be the product of our best effort, based on superior training, superior education and the superior VLS process of review. We further pledge that the work will be done in a timely manner. We commit that all client materials entrusted to our care will be subject to our strict confidentiality standards. Commitment to our clients, our profession and our pride in doing a job right is a pledge we make unconditionally.
We commit to our team that you will grow professionally and personally through your association with the VLS. We pledge to provide a healthy work environment, a compatible team of colleagues, access to the best resources for Client use in the performance of client work and expectations for performance, which will enable Client’s to reach your highest potential.

Service at the VLS goes beyond the timely, professional and correct performance of an engagement. Service means being available. Service means anticipating client needs. Service means being familiar with the client's industry. Service means partnering with the client, embracing the issues and reaching resolution. Service means caring. We care.

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